Landslides protection and engineered slopes

Landslides occur as a result of balance disorders of soil masses arising from a breach of its structure. They constitute a serious threat and catastrophic destruction for the designed or existing objects. Sudden slides of earth masses can appear when the surface area is saturated e.g. by rainwater. Another reason may be applied load or cut slope during execution of the construction.


Our offer includes all necessary steps to specify the slope stability and to determine its suitability for development. We offer designing of safe slopes and embankments by shaping, slope protection designs (nailing, ground anchors, retaining walls and supporting structures) and monitoring of slopes in order to avoid any threats. In addition, we analyze the liquidation of existing landslides.


When the slope stability calculations are performed:


For objects located on the slope and near its edge or at the base, slope stability analysis must be performed (the study involves reporting of the probability of the landslide phenomena).

The calculations are based on the results obtained from the geotechnical investigation with taken into account characteristics of the object (especially elevation of the foundation and carried load).


What the project is and what you should pay particular attention to:


The analysis requires establishment of the initial state of stability to adopt an appropriate method of strengthening structures.

When designing the slopes the possibility of extreme meteorological factors like heavy rains, the maximum levels of groundwater and surface water, temperature differences, storm phenomena, etc. should be taken into account.

Correct intervention in the case of violation of the slope stability should eliminate the reasons which cause the threat.

Similarly, in the case of designing process, all situations and extreme impacts and their conjunctions that may occur during operation of the object should be considered.

The fastest and the most dangerous changes are always induced by water, which is also the cause of the most landslide threats. Therefore, the foreground is the arrangement of the water relations and elimination of the possibility of hydration of the slope.

Long-term changes associated with the water conditions must also be taken into account: climatological information for multi-annual average rainfall, extreme fluctuations of groundwater, etc.