About us

INGEO Sp. z o.o. was established in early 2006 by three young engineers - graduates of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Gdańsk University of Technology and reputable engineering office WUPROHYD Sp. z o.o.


MSc. Wojciech Cieślak and MSc. Paweł Molski, the founders of INGEO Sp. z o.o., began their career in 2001 in a reputable company with a long tradition and recognized brand in the market - Geoprojekt Gdańsk. They developed their qualifications under the guidance of the best specialists and practitioners such as MSc. Bohdan Buca and MSc. Eryk Lamparski.


Dr. Eng. Marcin Blockus began his career in BPBM Projmors, where in the team of experienced engineers gained his knowledge in the field of hydroengineering. At the same time, he worked in the Department of Geotechnical Engineering of Gdańsk University of Technology, where under the guidance of prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Gwizdała was carrying out research on the application of dynamic methods for assessing the quality and capacity of the piles.


The establishment of INGEO company was the natural consequence of the intersection of these careers. Aim of the company is to provide a comprehensive offer with a range of geological, geotechnical and hydroengineering services.


INGEO began as a small service company with three employees (the company founders). Support through the work orders and the commitment of our shareholder’s WUPROHYD allowed us to develop the company in a very dynamic way. The first commercial contacts and trust given by the companies and institutions such as Stabilator, JM Architekci and Urząd Miejski in Gdynia were also very important.


Thanks to our hard work and many investments in the development of the company, we are prepared to take on any job in the field of geotechnical investigation and geotechnical and hydroengineering design.


We have been trusted by many people, companies and institutions. Join this group.

You are welcome!



Management of the INGEO company