Hydrogeology and ecology

Team of our professionals with years of experience have a thorough knowledge in the field of issues related to the groundwater. This makes it possible to analyze many of the existing environmental problems as well as finding accurate method of their solutions.

Freely move in the subject of water resources management and orientation to comprehensive  execution of hydrogeological field research is the perfect supplement of the profile of our business.


We offer:


Complex execution of the field tests:

  • Hydrogeological drillings
  • Piezometer
  • Pumping test to determine the hydraulic conductivity
  • Soil and groundwater sampling


Designs and expertises:

  • Hydrogeological documentations
  • Reports on water and law matters
  • Intake structure capacity analysis
  • Hydrogeological opinions
  • Water condition assessment
  • Well designs
  • Dewatering designs
  • Opinions about the construction of domestic sewage treatment plants and drainage of rainwater into the ground and watercourses



  • Badania zanieczyszczenia próbek gruntów i wody podziemnej
  • Environmental Impact Statements


We invite you to cooperate ant to the Our projects section, where we presented an interesting application of mentioned works on the example of completed projects.