Field investigation

Investigation of the subsoil is generally performed on the basis of the "in situ" tests (carried out in actual conditions). We use equipment of the GEOTECH company in our field tests. Borings performed by a mechanical drilling rig are the basic form of subsoil survey. Data obtained on the basis of borings and data derived from the soundings are supplemented by laboratory tests. Correlation of all analyzes consequently allow for the correct description and qualitative assessment of the subsoil at the place of investment. Detailed and representative lithological profiles with a full description and characteristics of physical and mechanical properties for individual layers are obtained by proper selection of the equipment and execution of

a comprehensive research program. The results are crucial for determining the type of soil, its strength and deformation parameters. These data are necessary for the proper design of the structure foundations.


Years of experience:

Having variety equipment we could perform geotechnical investigation at every type of terrain, including:

  • wetlands
  • areas inaccessible to the wheeled transport
  • in basements of the buildings
  • with the use of floating platform - on rivers, canals, lakes and open sea


The scope of research that we are able to perform includes:

  • borings and trial pits
  • collecting: undisturbed soils samples, samples with natural moisture and samples with natural granulation
  • CPT, CPTu, SCPTu, FVT, DMT, BAT, SDPH, DPH, DPM, DPL, ITB-ZW soundings 
  • determining the ultimate bearing capacity of the ground using VSS  Plate Bearing Test (or Plate Loading Test)