Laboratory investigation

Our offer includes the following tests:



1) Basic test to determine classification of soils:

  • macroscopic soil examination
  •  water content
  • bulk density
  • organic matter content
  • grain and particle size distribution by sieve analysis and hydrometer tests



2) Determination of mechanical parameters:

  • shear strength measurement in variety configurations, including residual parameters (direct shear apparatus)
  • the angle of internal friction and cohesion (direct shear apparatus)
  • compressibility and consolidation parameters (oedometer test)



3) Consistency parameters:

  • plastic limit and liquid limit by Casagrande’a method
  • estimation of plasticity index, consistency index



4) Testing water filtration in the ground:

  • determination of permeability coefficient  (ITB-ZW-K2 apparatus)
  • estimate the permeability coefficient based on sieve analysis



5) Compaction parameters:

  • maximum density and natural density of soil skeleton
  • determination of the degree of compaction (Proctor compaction test)



6) Test of aggressive action of water against concrete



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