1. When You have to order the geotechnical research?

Geotechnical tests should be carried out for each investment consisting in erecting a building or a structure which cooperates with the ground, e. g. by transferring loads to the ground using the building's foundation.

2. Why are geotechnical and geological surveys carried out?

Geotechnical and geological research is carried out in order to identify the structure of the substrate, to determine strength parameters and to observe the groundwater and groundwater table. This information is necessary for the proper design of the structure.

3. What is the scope of research should be performed for my investment?

The scope of research is difficult to estimate without providing detailed data concerning the location, dimensions and characteristics of the planned investment. The scope of research should be defined by the designer responsible for the design of the foundation of the designed object.

4. Which geological description should be performed for my investment?

In accordance with the applicable regulation, at least the Geotechnical Review should be carried out for every investment consisting in erecting a construction structure. Depending on the soil conditions and the type of construction, it may be necessary to prepare accompanying reports, such as: Geological Works Project, Geological and Engineering Documentation, Substrate Research Documentation, Geotechnical Project.

6. Why You shouldn't economize on geological research?

Geological surveys represent a small cost of the entire investment, while making a mistake during the geological survey or performing insufficient scope of surveys may sometimes result in design or execution errors, the repair of which will require financial outlays many times higher than the cost of fair and reliable ground surveys.