Retaining structures

Many construction processes both underground and general construction are associated with the execution of a deep excavation.

Depending on the depth of foundation of the building, to a greater or lesser extent, such interference affects the stability of the soil and also has a strong influence on the position of the groundwater and effect on the environment.

Therefore, the safety and technical condition of objects adjacent to the excavation should always be kept in mind. In this situation, the forecast and the observation of ground displacements is very important.

Designing of the retaining structure and ensuring the stability depending on prevailing ground conditions can be carried out by several methods. Each of them, in addition to the interpretation of the geotechnical parameters requires experience in the dimensioning of such objects.


With the appropriate knowledge and practical skills we can offer you execution of the following designs:

  • diaphragm wall
  • soldier pile wall
  • Parisian wall
  • steel sheet pile wall
  • bored pile wall (contiguous, secant and tangent pile walls)
  • soil mix walls (jet-grouting columns or DSM columns)
  • soil nail walls
  • reinforced soil structures
  • underpinning and safeguarding existing foundations
  • soil stabilization
  • mixed technologies